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New living room


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Just moved into a new house.
Bought a new TV stand cos the wife wanted all the electronics hidden.

Still not quite finished yet. need to a better job of hiding the wires behind the cabinet.
Plus the fans are connected to a Nokia 5v charger. which keeps them running quiet, but is no where near enough to cool the cabinet.
So going to bung in another couple and run them at 7v. plus drill some more holes to improve airflow.

Anyway the kit-
Sagem HDD50 DLP 50" TV
Onkyo 505 Amp
780G, X2 4850e 2GB. 1.5TB HTPC in Antec NSK2480 case
Xbox 360
Q acoustic 1020 bookshelf speakers
Q acoustic 1000Ci center speaker.

And not pictured because they're not fixed in yet, subwoofer and rear speakers from a Tannoy FX set.




PS3 and Amp

Xbox and HTPC
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May I ask you how you connected the fans in the cabinet?
Did you make a powerswitch for them?




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Powered by Nokia charger.
Just cut the nokia charger stripped a bit of wire, and connected wires from the 2 fans to it. Very easy to do.

As i said above i need to get something with 7volts, to increase speed of the fans. 12V would probably be too noisy.

The switch is just one from maplin fitted into the circuit.i haven't fitted it into this specific set up yet, but i've done it before. again very easy.
currently i'm switching it off and on from the mains.

And the fans just sit on the middle shelf. coincedently they are exactly the same height as the shelf so squeeze in very nicely and ndon't move about. otherwise i would have just used cable ties.
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I really like your cabinet. Can I ask, do you have to have the doors open to operate your equipment (via remote)? Or do you have a workaround?

Also, where did you get it?



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Very nice mate, i had an Sagem DLP RP set a 44" but it had a bow at top of screen and buzzed so went back, but had a fantastic picture.

Mo Better Blues

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Nice to see someone else with great taste in that particular TV!!

Just so you know, last weekend I took the front screen off and very carefully cleaned the lens and both of the mirrors in the cabinet.
The lens had quite a layer of dirt and dust on it.

The difference is quite amazing, I really mean quite amazing.

Everyone whom has seen the TV this week has asked us when we bought the new telly and wow what a fantastic picture!

HD looked good before, it always has on this TV, but with the layers of dust removed it is gobsmacking.
We had been looking at a new TV, Panasonic or Pioneer Plasma, but they don't compare to our picture now.

So thats saved a few hundred squids.



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TV is 50".

Cabinet is from Ikea.
Its 3 of these
IKEA | Bookcases | BESTÃ…/FRAMSTÃ…/INREDA storage system | BESTÃ… | Shelf unit/ height extension unit

and 2 of these doors
IKEA | Bookcases | BESTÃ…/FRAMSTÃ…/INREDA storage system | BESTÃ… TOFTA | Door

And no, all stuff can be operated with doors closed.
I bought a Remote Control IR Repeater from Maplins. if you notice sensor is on the left of the center speaker and that controls the amp. Ontop of the center speaker is the Microsoft remote infra red sensor which comes with the MS remote. Connects via USB to the PC and that obviously controls the PC.
Xbox uses wireless and PS3 bluetooth so they work as normal.

That sounds awesome Mo. would definitely try that. Any tips or guides on how to do it?

Mo Better Blues

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Dear sswats,

I glad to say it was quite straight forward.

1st, take off the side speakers.

2nd, the black bezel all the way round is held on by screws at the rear except for the middle section at the bottom where it 'flows' into the silver base.

3rd, to remove the screws you need a certain type of screw bit which as an engineer I have in my toolbox as part of my security bit set.
They are not in very very tight so you might get them out with an allen key or philips type driver, or even a perfect fit flat bladed screwdriver.

4th, the brave bit is when you have removed the all the screws. The middle section at the bottom is just held with plastic 'prongs'. if you gently prise apart with your hands, so you don't do any damage, it will pop off.
There were 3 or 4 'prongs as I recall.

5th, with the bezel off you can see that the screen is held on with 4 steel plates, one on each side using the same type of screw bit with lots of screws.

6th, with the screen off you realise how simple it all is, the lens is at the bottom and is cleaned easily. The two mirrors, small at the bottom with the big one all over the back are also easy to clean.

Then its just the reverse to put it back together.

The results for us were stunning.

I hope the results are the same for you.



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Interesting. I may give it a go this weekend.

How did you clean it? any special liquids or just screen cleaner enough.

thanks for the guide.
And thanks for the responses dudes.

Mo Better Blues

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The big mirror just needed a dusting, the little mirror needed dusting and a little 'window' cleaner, smear free type.
And the lens needed screen cleaner again to leave no smears.

All using lint free cloth's.

It really was very simple in the end.


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