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Just want to start a general discussion about my latest project.
We are currently in the process of buying a new house and for me one of the most important rooms in the house is my living room / entertainment room.

Just quickly go over the current setup that I am mostly happy with but wanted to improve on when we move.
I have a 65" OLED TV that is flush mounted to a floating wall that I built when we first moved in, however in order to get it flush mounted I had to chop out the plasterboard and mount the arm directly to the breezeblocks. I have a TV unit under the TV that houses the Av equipment but its a bit of a squeeze as it is currently housing the B&W Centre speaker, missus would just not go for speaker on top of the unit which would obviously be better sound wise.
then I have 2 stand mounted B&W speakers, and a B&W sub currently hidden away in a cupboard, and the door rattles when the bass really gets going, it wasn't originally like this but front room layout has had to change since we moved in.

We are lucky enough that we can move in to the new house and temporarily have another room as our living room whilst I sort out the main living room, I can tear the room apart pretty much (although I will be keeping damage to a minimum in the interests of not creating work for the sake of it). the room itself is 5.2m x 5.2m but it isn't square, its an L shape, I will get pictures up in due course.

Ideal world I would build a false wall and bury everything in to it, however the wall where the TV is going only has about 4 - 6 inches space that i can build out because that is where the window on the wall next to it starts, so its looking like another floating wall build again.

Currently I have a 5.1 setup with speaker wires fitted into the ceiling/walls when the house was being built.
I have considered in ceiling speakers but how do these sound compared to say my current Q Acoustics Q700i surrounds ?
Is 7.1 worth it ? (or 5.1.2)
The bedroom above is the master bedroom and currently has hard flooring which will have to go ASAP as I can't stand hard floors in a bedroom, so I will have access to the ceiling by lifting boards above quite soon after.
Networking will be ran behind the TV as in my current house.
Is it worth replacing my current main speakers (B&W DM602 S3s, and B&W LCR600 s3) with some in wall ones, these could be mounted to the floating wall and then I could have the centre speaker directly under the TV, but I haven't heard any so not sure if they will sound as good as current ones do. How much space do these actually need behind them ? I can effectively create a "speaker box" for them within the floating wall, and i could build out the front of the wall an inch or so to give them a little more space.

Is there anything else to consider whilst building the room from the ground up ?

Note: no painting walls black and fitting projector etc it will be a living room with a very modest AV setup in it.

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