New Living Room Setup


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Well approx 8 years ago a bought a crappy 50" LG plasma and got the bug.

After a few upgrades i think i have finally got to where i wanted to be - I hope so because the credit card wont be able to take much more for a while!!

I do not have the luxury of a dedicated room but her in doors has just about put up with me utilising the living room.

Its not ideal conditions with the colours of the walls but i have been blown away by the projectors performance in particular and wish i had of done it sooner.

List of equipment:

Epson TW 6000 projector
Beamax 10217 - 100" Screen
Onkyo 609 Receiver
Monitor Audio HD Speakers
Sony BDP-S780
PS3 & 360
Logitech Harmony One Remote

Excuse the quality of pics taken with my phone :

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That's a very nice setup really impressive, you've got your own private cinema there and i like it alot.:thumbsup:


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Cheers guys

AV Happy

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Fantastic setup you have there, very clean and neat with some top notch equipment. I like it alot.


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nice setup but question.... whats the films on the screen, its really bugging me!!!!:D:suicide:


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it is NOT the film i thought it was... :rotfl:

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