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Hi I have recently bought a LG 43 Inch 43UN73006LC Smart 4K UHD HDR LED Freeview TV, and am a little surprised, at what seems to be a limitation I wasn't expecting from a new model.

I want to set up a surround sound system, which I already have.

I have a subwoofer, and 4 extra speakers. But I can't get the new TV to connect.
I have found the 'component' 5 ports on the back of the TV, and noted the last 2 being I think the audio channels, and this is where I plug the subwoofer into.

There doesn't however, appear to be an option in the menus to connect this device. And I get no sound through the speakers at all.

Am I wasting my time here, or is there a way I can do this. Not keen on buying more kit if I already have it.



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First - the Component connectors on the set are for an input - for connection to a source device that has component outputs on it. So that's not where to try.

When you say you have a "surround system" is that simply a collection of speakers (and a sub) or is there more to it - such as an amplifier or processor?

If it's more than just speakers, the usual way would be to use the HDMI out (ARC - HDMI 2) or to use the optical SPDIF connector to connect to the amplifier. That depends on what connectors the amp has.

If you are simply talking about a set of speakers only then (whilst I can't confirm this exactly from the LG page on this model) it's highly likely this isn't an option; TVs typically don't have speaker outputs on them; the expectation is that you would use an external device to improve sound - such as an AV amplifier or a soundbar.

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