New LG TV picture issues...


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So we just got a new TV. An LG 32LB58.

We put it on initially and were impressed by the very crisp picture. We've not had a new telly for years and it's much crisper and brighter than the old one. It's described as HD, but I assumed that was only going to affect HD broadcasts.

Then when we put a movie on for the first time we noticed it still looked like TV. Crisp, but kinda cheap. And it does that with every movie we've tried, everything looks cheap now, like a low budget movie or a TV show, even big budget blockbusters.

I know it's unlikely many people on here will have had the same issue with the same model, but is there some obvious thing that I'm missing? Like can you set the frame rate or switch off HD function on new model TVs?

Shot in the dark, but thought I'd ask while I try to contact on of the LG support people.


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