New LG Thinq / 2017 DT W-Studio. Feeling Lost about ARC.


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Just bought and had mounted a brand new LG Thinq 65CX. It has one ARC / eARC HDMI Port. I have a Definitive Technology W-Studio purchased in 2017. The DT Sound Bar IS the HDMI hub. All things plug into the sound bar and I can switch ‘channels‘ on that.

My concern is that if I set it up the same way, using the Soundbar as the HDMI Switch, basically, that I won’t get the benefits of 120Hertz / 4K if I plug my PS5 into it.

Additionally, is there some other way to configure this wherein I get 4K for Apple TV, and 4K for PS5, and 4K for Switch when it comes out AND be able to use my soundbar (maybe only for sound)?

Does the Soundbar have to support ARC or 4K video? I am woefully outmatched by this new setup and any help would be appreciated.

Edit: changed PS4 to PS5. I mistyped my original post

Otto Pylot

The hub of your system needs to support the same audio/video formats that your panel does for the signals to be passed on to the display device. You could connect your AppleTV directly to the LG but to pass audio but you'd have to use the ARC/eARC HDMI port and have that connected directly to the ARC/eARC HDMI port of the soundbar (if it had one). Or, you could use an optical cable to push 5.1 audio from the tv to the sounder's optical input. However, you won't get HD Audio (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-MA, etc) via the optical cable.

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