New LG OLED TV terrible picture quality via HTPC

Dan Drake

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I've just bought a new LG 55EG910V (1080p OLED TV). The picture quality is pretty decent when watching freesat HD channels (direct from dish to TV via coaxial) but for some reason when hooked up to my HTPC the picture looks pretty rubbish not even as good as my old Samsung 5 series led TV.

I'm using an AMD HD 5670 via HDMI to an Onkyo HTX-22HD home theatre system then back to the TV via another HDMI cable. I've tried going direct from the graphics card to the TV but has no improvement.

I've set the graphics card properties to 1080p @ 60hz with a 10 bpc colour depth and RGB 4:4:4 (Limited RGB).

The only thing I can think of is that the monitor driver in device manager is the generic pnp Microsoft driver but tbh I can't work out where I would get a .inf for and whether I would use the HTX-22hd or LG 55eg910V .inf.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

P.S. I've tried tweaking the TV settings but this isn't having an impact on the picture clarity.


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If you're running it from an HTPC the TV should be set to a 1:1 mapping mode - what this is called varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. I think LG calls it "Just Scan" under Aspect Ratio. You probably want to set Picture Mode to "Game" or "Photo".

Lucy Stan

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Since your device manager sees it differently, then I think you still have driver issue.
Anyway, can you give us some photos of the "terrible picture quality" we are talking about here?

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