Question New LG OLED 55EC930V - What initial settings to warm in panel ?


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So I am getting a new LG 55EC930V.

With a new oled tv should I do anything special within the first X amount of hours. Like specific settings to use? maximum backlight etc to warm in the panel ?

And for how long should I use these initial settings ?



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The default oled light in 3d mode is 100. The tv employs an Automatic Brightness Limiter to prevent burn-in, so don't worry about that.
I use 40 for 2d and 94 for 3d. Some owners use different values for day and night.
Forgot to mention that each function (3d or smartshare for example) have different settings, so you'll need to check if their right.
The last firmware update on the EF950V (the model I've got) reset everything to default which was annoying...

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