New LED backlit Samsungs?

Chris Muriel

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No, haven't heard specifically about that one but...
LED backlighting with the latest controller ICs and techniques certainly has the potential to display a larger colour gamut (i.e. better results) than CCFL ; I have seen impressive results in a setup my employer was using , demonstrating the use of some ICs that we are making for this purpose.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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I've also been anxious for any info on these new LED lit LCDs from Samsung as I would like one of these to be my first HDTV purchase. There is some old info from CeBIT this year, seen in this forum thread:

The thread has a few (unfortunately crappy) shots of the 40 inch LED LCDs: 2006/billede (33).jpg 2006/billede (28).jpg

The only "specs" given in the aforementioned thread are a contrast ratio of 10000:1 and a color spectrum of 146% (I'm assuming of the PAL color spectrum).



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I've seen those LED backlit Samsungs at a show, but wasn't aware they were so close to bringing them to market.

Perhaps, Samsung will be able to give some answers at IFA in Berlin next month...


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MadMax333 said:
Aha, some more info has popped up. The LED LCDs will be the M91 series, will cost around $3000, and have 1920x1080 resolution :D !!!

Not sure about the M91 being full HD.
Seems like only the F71 will be 1920x1080.


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Are these LED screens using the same technology as the so-called HDR displays that were unveiled by some company not too long ago? Those sets used an array of LED lights and achieved perfect blacks (and very very high contrast ratios) because when a black area was shown, the LEDs in those areas were completely OFF.



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mistar5 said:
Seems like they just changed the 1920x1080 on the M91 on flatpanels, yeah. I think you're right.

Yeah, the article on has been updated now and doesn't state the resolution of the M91 anymore.

Hmm, I would assume if the M91 was 1920x1080 then the IFA 2006 preview press release from Samsung would reflect this rather than omit it. I doubt the M91 is 1920x1080 after reading the F71 blurb on the same press release. I guess we might end up waiting a little longer for an LED LCD with Full HD.


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