New Lease Of Life for Rear Speakers

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Hi Guys

Just thought I would share something.

I have been wanting to envelope my rear surround stage more and was in the market for Bipole speakers when I thought a tad of experimenting may just save me a few quid.

I have the wonderful (filmic) SVS system and the rears are direct firing bookshelf in a meaty cabinet, sat 2ft from ear level on the back wall ( room not big enough for side mounted). I enquired about upgrading as the rear sound stage was too directional for my liking.

I liked the idea of sound being bounced off the walls to envelope the sound (hence looking for bipole/tripole) behind so I simply toed the rears in to face the side wall slightly (on a bracket) and I am amazed at the difference.

The sound seems to be bounced off the side wall from both speakers and now kind of meets in the middle (if that makes sense?) thus filling that sort of hollow gap you can sometimes get. So for those who have yet to try this and want a more enveloping soundstage it's defo worth a dabble before rushing out to by new rear speakers.


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That's certainly one way to do it!! It won't match actually having rear speakers properly located but if you're happy with the results, then that's all that matters.

Do you notice any delay in the sound at all? If not then you're all good.

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