New LCD TV 42" £800 Budget


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Hi All

I wonder if you can help,

I am after a new LCD TV, I have a basic idea of what to look for and I have heard allot of talk about Sony's W and Z series, however as always they are a bit on the expensive side,

So I am after an equivalent Panasonic, Samsung or LG, approximately 42" and up to £800.

All recommendations and suggestion welcomed.

Regards :)
Why does it have to be an LCD screen?


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Well to be Honest, it doesn’t have to be providing its a good TV with good picture quality etc.


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I am an absolute TV/Movie head, always on it, occasional gaming but not much, NFS, PES etc, just the popular ones.

It will be connected to my PC, and I am thinking about getting a Xbox and Wii to do some more gaming.


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A plasma TV will give you a better SD picture so TV will look better, they will also give you a more natural and more 'contrasty' picture for movies etc...They also have good motion handling which is good for gaming, as is the deep blacks and good contrast. Don't be tempted by 1080p resolutions on LCDs though, it's not resolution which is the deciding factor in picture quality.

There are a few options though, the LG 42PQ6000 is very good, and is pretty much the same as the Panasonic P42X10 but the LG has greater colour accuracy and slightly better motion whereas the Panasonic is more resistant to image retention (look up on that for gaming when looking at LGs, excessive gaming isn't great for them). It's personal preference as to which is best though, I prefer the LG slightly, I also think the SD picture is a little better. You could also pay a little extra (£920) and get a Panasonic P42G10 which has deeper blacks, better motion (than the X10) and slightly better colours, it is expensive though. The X10 and PQ6000 can be found for as little as £600, the PQ6000 is actually going for under £520 at Dixons at the moment.

Be wary of image retention with gaming and PC use on the LG though, the Panasonic might be better suited there, depending on how long you game/use it as a PC monitor
read on the plasma part of the forum...

Go for a new range panasonic - you wont be dissapointed

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