New LCD, Sky HD and the World Cup


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Hi all

First post in a new world so apologise if i make all the usual mistakes. :eek: Having suffered with poor quality images on my TV for too long now i thought i'd take the plunge and start looking for an LCD.

With Sky about to launch it's new HD service to coincide with the footy world cup and Blu Ray/HD-DVD getting some dates i'm assuming that there will be a number of new screens available as HDTV becomes more mass market. Thus my questions are:

1) Got about 2.5K to spend so any recommendations for a good LCD screen. Don't want a plasma as the Sky logo in top right of screen will burn in. Probably looking to get at least 37" as have quite a big room.
2) Sky will broadcast in 1080i and 720p. Is it worth waiting till some good screens are available to display 1080i in it's native resolution as i assume 1080i downscaled to 720i will not look as good.

Any advice greatfully received. Did try doing a search to see if there was already something posted but couldn't spot anything quite right.



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Don't get over excited about the World Cup in HD just yet, it will only happen if the BBC or ITV deliver it over a HD platform such as Sky or Telwest TV drive, Sky won't have any World Cup rights.


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Laviscus said:
Don't want a plasma as the Sky logo in top right of screen will burn in.

If that is your reason for not getting a plasma then I suggest you think again. All updated Sky boxes provide an option to turn the red dot off after 30 seconds.


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It's not the red dot that's the problem, rather the channel logo. I think it's unlikely that the channel logo will cause screen burn unless you are watching one channel almost exclusively over a very long period of time (months).


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Although it has its issues, the Philips 37PF9830 appears to be the best in class for a 37" LCD screen.. and can be bought for less than £2,500!! (And is one of the only sets available that is already ready to accept and display a true 1080i image!!!)

As for screen burn - unless you're wanting to play loads of games on it, then it really isn't an issue so much these days. And the Panasonic 37PV500 is a fantastic quality set, arguably better than the above LCD in some areas and quite a lot less, and has been noted to be particularly resistant to screen burn and image retention!!

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