New laptop with transparent screen !


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My new laptop !

(Clicky for larger version)

Ok, I did it as a project in Photoshop, but how cool would it be for real ? :D


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Lets just hope your phone does not ring when your drunk and you end up breaking your screen :rotfl:


haha cool :)

would be even better if you could add the shadow that the laptop casts/would cast :eek:


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Great stuff! - 'When' :rotfl: I win the photo competition one day, my choice will be camera tricks, This would be perfect!


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Thanks for all the positive comments, I put some work into this one so I'm really glad that others think it's cool too :smashin:


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Excellent example of pp work, nice to see such care put into a piece of work, its also a very good photo, respect:thumbsup:

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