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new laptop needed for less than £300


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hi, dont post here very often but in need of some help guys!
my uncle (60 yrs old) has never used a computer in his life, and is forever asking me to order him cds,books,dvd etc from the net because what he likes he finds hard to get in shops.
anyway he just joined talktalk and they said he can have broadband for free because of phone package he is on.
so he wants to go it alone so to speak lol and wants a laptop duw to space saving etc.well i use a mac and know nowt about pc's and he only wants to surf the net so a macbook is out of the question due to price!
and his budget is £300 TOPS!!!
and ive narrowed it down to these two:

this samsung one http://www.play.com/PC/PCs/4-/3623164/Samsung-Black-R60+-Aura-Celeron-M-530-1-73GHz-512MB-80GB-DVD-SM-15-4-Vista-Home-Basic-Laptop-Notebook/Product.html

or this acer: http://www.play.com/PC/PCs/4-/3595260/Acer-Aspire-5315-Celeron-M-540-1-83GHz-1GB-80GB-15-4-DVD-SM-Vista-Home-Basic-Laptop-Notebook/Product.html

any help appreciated


I'd get the Acer since it has 1GB of RAM, however 1GB isn't enough for Vista either, Vista on a 512MB (the Samsung) will be like a snail, in fact for that Acer I'd wipe it and put on XP. .. Celeron CPU is a bit rubbish though a mate with one just uses it for office apps and says pretty slow. I'd try and get a basic dual core machine.

I'd go for this instead.



Then buy XP for the lesser specced computer, oh that's going to cost you about £50.

Or buy a laptop that's able to run Vista (and that's with 2GB of RAM) so you have no need to change from supplied OS to one that isn't so resource hungry.

Basically 512MB-1GB (with shared graphics memory) Celeron and Vista is going to be crap and slow. For a extra £50 you can get something that's half decent with plenty of RAM and a faster CPU. Well worth it..

Computers sold with Vista and 512MB of RAM shouldn't be allowed. It'll be running into swap the entire time and being that 2.5" HD are dog slow, it'll be even worse.


Then put that £26 into a laptop with 2GB RAM:rolleyes: Why on earth buy a laptop with 512MB/1GB only to remove that, and fit 2GB? You'll have a 512MB/1GB module you'll need to sell off. And not forgetting that one at £350 has a dual core CPU, and much faster at that.

Basically just ask your uncle to fork out the extra for the one at £350. It'll be faster, and have a longer usability life. I'd probably throw that 512MB laptop against the wall due to PC slowness frustration.


That'll do. Not that I'd buy a Dell though (terrible customer service) rip off £60 delivery too.


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Acers don't come with recovery disks so as he's likely to get in trouble if it's his first time on the internet I wouldn't go for that.

I would definitely second the recommendation for XP, Vista on a current low spec laptop isn't ideal and will take longer to start up.


Acers don't come with recovery disks

Mine did (Acer Travelmate 270) That was a while ago though. Disgusting, if now don't include recovery or original install disc.:rolleyes: In that case I'd request that no there is no charge for the OS, and they just wipe the drive...and I'll install my own OS, either retail Windows or Linux.

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