New Laptop for Work (and possible football manager) advice


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Hi, I am looking for a laptop for work (they are paying) but I want to make sure I get the right tool for the job, So long as I can justify the reasons the money is flexible to a point though I would like to be under £800 as my company is currently buying it's staff £400 computers. Being the head honcho in the IT department I'm confident spending more on my own is viable.

On the laptop I will be:

Using Photoshop working with small/medium graphics
Hot desking in an IT support role around our 200+ staff company county wide.
Playing Football Manager during "down time"
Multitasking between FM and Photoshop would be nice..

Things I would like

an SSD hard drive, I have network storage so size can be compromised upon for the performance and stability improvement ssd brings

15"+ screen in 16:9 ratio (what i'm used to)

Dedicated graphics memory, nothing fancy.

Weight is not an issue, I don't mind lugging something heavy that performs better

Decent Keyboard (seen so many crap small keyboards around)

As little bloatware software as possible, I hate removing this crap when you get a new machine.

Windows 7 Pro preferable

And I'll be honest, I really like all these bright colours on the market now though this seems to be an issue in conjunction with Windows 7 pro in the looking around I have done making this a want rather than a need.

The most important thing as far as my bosses are concerned would be it's lifespan and "future proofing" obviously these machines go out of date quite quickly but I am keen to get something which has at least spare ram ports.

Any help in my search would be amazing as I haven't bought a good laptop before having always been a desktop junky. At the moment I am looking at things from Dell as their customisation options seem to be the simplest but I am loathed to pay their premiums and certainly don't want McAfee

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