New laptop advice.


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Hi guys

This is an unusual question for the normal person but I need a new laptop than will run cool so not needing the fan to come on much or at all.

I'm very chemically sensitive as part of my illness MCS CFS/ME, so I need a laptop that will not blast fumes/odors especially heated components at me.

My current laptop had a broken hinge area that was repaired and the technician also cleared out the dust blocked vent, since I so called updated from 8.0 to 8.1 the fan comes on all the time and the laptop runs slower and 10 was no better. The blocked vent must have protected me from the smells aggravating me but not now obviously. So I can't use this one much.

If I bought second hand then I risk peoples home smells being contaminated in the machine. Brand new would still have new smells that would need to off gas I appreciate that. Maybe refurbished wouldn't have new smells but maybe new components that smell anyway.

I have a budget of about £600.
General internet use.
I will want to do basic video editing, just cutting bits out really.
Screen size 15.6 or more maybe.
ITB HDD is ideal but I think the faster modern SSDs would be better, 256GB 512GB.
Two USB 3 ports. 3 USB ports in total.
Headphone socket.
Would I5 or equivalent be powerful enough or I7?
My technician suggested Acer or Asus.

Thanks for your interest.


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A small desktop isn't an option? They can be entirely fanless because they don't have the size/lightness pressure the laptop market imposes.

I would think your best bet for an oversized cooling system in a laptop is the entry level version of some gaming/workstation machine.


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Unfortunately no I can't sit at a desk-like situation I need to use it in my armchair on a small movable table.

Can you recommend a laptop within my budget? Is my budget realistic?

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