New Laptop Advice: Is this a decent system for HD Video-Editing

Paul MC007

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Hi all

Hoping I can get some general - and specific advice please if poss!

Currently, at the moment I have a Toshiba Satellite 15.4" L300D laptop. It's now about 4 years old. It's always worked perfectly, never any trouble. Thing is, the limited 150GB HDD is filling up - plus the fact I want to start getting into a little video editing. I say "a little" because it won't be something I'll be doing every week or anything - just now and again - but obviously need to take this into account when thinking of it's replacement.

I am quite confused by what is "out there" now. I understand that I7 processor is the way to go (with HD editing) but would I get away with an I5?

Anyhow, I suppose, realistically, my budget could be anywhere up to £1000. I'd rather not spend that much if poss, but if needs be, I could go up to this level.

I've seen this in PC World and wondered firstly, what you guy's think of it:

SONY VAIO SVE1711X1EB 17.3" Laptop at cheap prices | Pcworld

I've got some general questions here so if anyone could also help me out, I'd be grateful.

Firstly, in the world of laptops now, which are considered "decent" makes?

I quite like my Toshiba (based on 4 years worth of flawless performance) so wouldn't mind sticking with Toshiba, but the Sony I've linked to above looks ok. Is Sony considered "ok" for laptops?

I would, of course, consider other "makes" but Sony and Toshiba seem to be where I am swaying at the moment......

Other than the odd bit of HD video editing, my usage would simply be Microsoft Office applications, bit of photo editing and Internet usage - particularly interested in things like You Tube HD clips - which my current machine struggles to play sometimes!

So, based on the above, can I ask: Is the Sony I've linked to above overkill for my usage - or - if you can afford it - is it a good way to go?

What's a decent similar spec (or best spec for my use) within the Toshiba world now?

Ideally I wanted a 17.3 screen, but it doesn't have to be - nor do I have to buy from PC World - it's just that I went in there the other day and spotted the Sony......

Thank you ever so in advance for any help - really, really appreciated! :)


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The sony is a good spec, new ivy bridge i7, dedicated graphics but too expensive for what it is, but you can get the same sort of spec for about £650 check out the i7's here Core i7 Laptops

With regards to makes, I would pay more attention to the spec you are getting as you always have warranty to fall back on.
For processors i5 is only marginally better than i3 when it comes to laptops, they are both dual core with hyperthreading. It's only some of the i7's which are quad core so I would stick to them for your purpose or you could just drop all the way to an i5 which only cost £400 if you think that is enough.
It's a little confusing because there is a huge difference with desktop i3 > i5

Paul MC007

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Can I just ask: With the Sony I have linked to above (SONY VAIO SVE1711X1EB 17.3" Laptop at cheap prices | Pcworld)

I can get this for £500.00*........ would this be a good buy for around £500?

*Via a voucher/credit note I am owed from Sony, there is sadly no where I can see to actually buy it online at this price!
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