New lappy recommendations

Hi all,

So I'm looking at a new laptop as I'll need to work from home a fair bit.
I have an old toshiba thing, which given its a vdi thru citrix we use in work, is serviceable but I fancy treating myself.
Id be using my very account so I can place 2-300 quid down and pay the rest over 12 months interest free. Total budget is no more than 900 quid.

I have a 23 inch dell monitor that I'd like to hook up to it which has a display port socket.

I was looking at these:

Dell 13 inch
Huawei matebook 13

The Huawei has a bigger, faster ssd. Higher res screen, fingerprint scanner and clean windows install (bloatware does my head in) . All metal body as well.

The dell has a better CPU, 50 quid cheaper, same GPU, same ram and more input/output options. Smaller ssd and probably a fair amount of bloatware though.

I'm struggling to decide as the Huawei seems great but only 2 usb-c although they give you a dongle. That's likely gonna be an annoyance over time. Dell would be simpler to connect to the monitor plus the extra CPU power can't do any harm as we would occasionally use it for photoshop as well. The i5 in the Huawei seems decent too though.
Its been ages since I've looked at laptops so what's your experiences of these brands or are there other options I should consider?

Actually just noticed the Huawei has the mx150 but the dell has the mx250 gpu according to very but, on AO it says its the mx250 for the Huawei.
Been checking out comparisons and there doesn't seem to be much between the 2 CPUs.
Christ it's giving me a headache.

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