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Hi all, I know there are alot of threads already on this topic but I'm wondering if you guys can advise me on the best option as I'm about to get my kitchen rewired and I'm new to all this and not sure if what I'm doing is suitable/overkill/underkill etc.

Space I'm dealing with: 3.5 x 8m kitchen area.

What I want to achieve: A nice sound in my kitchen with an amp to play music from my record player, also to connect a Samsung 'The Frame' TV and have bluetooth for Spotify connection from my phone.

I am looking for advice on what amp to buy and what speakers to get for the ceiling (I know a kitchen isn't an ideal space for audio but I'm going for it) I am looking at the 2 pairs of the Polk Audio RC60i ceiling speakers. Would I need a sub-woofer with these speakers? Or what would you guys recommend? Bearing in mind that I have to appease the wife and a minimalistic appearance is high on her priority list. Hence why I'm going with the ceiling speakers.

Amp wise, I'm really not sure what to get for this set-up. There are so many out there that I don't know what's overkill/underkill for what I want to achieve.

Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks


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That is a long thin but large volume space.

It looks like you are not thinking in terms of surround sound so background music and better then TV speakers sound, is this correct?

Personally I think x2 6.5 speakers seems a little on the small side. Maybe you could add a pic or two of the space and a plan of the layout. Are you having a seating area, dining area and cooking space.

Would in wall or on wall speakers be a better option. You could install the wiring now ready for later before the plaster is fitted.

More drivers would help with the volume or additional speakers in the roof x4???


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Hi Gerry, thanks for the reply. The room is acually 6.5m long, not 8. I think I over estimated!

Yea I am getting 2 pairs of the polk speakers so 4 in the roof. I don't have a massive budget for this trying to keep it relatively cheap. Looking at various amps but no idea what to settle on. Something around the ~€300/€400 mark to cater for the 4 speakers, bluetooth connection, TV and record player. Would you recommend any model or brand in particular?

I think I'm set with the ceiling speakers now, trying to keep things minimal.

Thanks for your help!

Joe Fernand

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A record player in a kitchen - novel unless you are doing some DJing :)

Layout - is it a kitchen or kitchen/dinner, would be good to see a pic/layout plan.


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