New kit - now how best to connect it up . . .


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Hi all, I have some new kit which I'm obviously pretty desperate to get set up, but I would appreciate a bit of guidance on how to best do it.

My kit ...

Pio 434HDE screen
Pio VSX-C501-S amp
Pio DV-668AV-s dvd
Sky digibox

Would I be best to connect the dvd with component cables and scart the rest?

With reference to the "10% of budget" guide/rule, does anyone have any recommendations on which connectors will help me get the best out my kit?

If anyone has a similar set-up I would very much appreciate a post on how they've done it. :)

Many thanks in advance.

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Without knowing exactly what connectors you've got your suggestion sounds reasonable, go for component on the DVD if both the DVD and screen support component and RGB via scart for the rest.



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The Pioneer 668AV-S support HDMI, so it would make sense to use for video to the plasma.
For the Sky and Tivo box use Scart and for the PS/2 you could either use Scart, S-Video or Component.


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OK, thanks very much for the responses chaps!

Is HDMI that much better than component? I've been reading threads that suggests there isn't that much difference.

Any recommendations on the component and scart cables?

I've heard that the Thor RGB component cable is pretty good and also the QED squart. Any others out there?


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I would connect as many devices via component as possible (PS2-DVD) - you should be able to use your amp as the component switcher!

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01. Where possible connect your video signals straight to the R04 Media Box - you don't say if you have a set of S13 speakers attached to the TV or if your audio is all via the AV Receiver.

02. HDMI vs. Component YUV - there's not much in it but a 2m HDMI cable is way less expensive than a decent YUV cable and the DV-668AV is better on HDMI anyway.

03. RGB from TIVO, and SKY - if you don't have speakers attached to the TV go for SCART RGB only SCART cables and if you do have speakers go for the best quality Fully Wired SCART you can afford.

04. PS2 - simplicity and the vagaries of the R04 Media Box switching means you may want to go into the Media Box as S-Video which is actually very good from a PS2 (and probably via the AV Receiver so you can also see the AV Receivers on-screen menu's).

05. Forget any 10% rules - just go get the cable you require. I supply lots of cable kits to HDE owners and they can vary enormously depending on the sources used and the degree to which each source is used; no sense spending a fortune on wiring up your console if you only use it twice a year.

If you want a more detailed reply please drop me a note and I can do you a wiring chart along with recommended cables we supply - though equally you can use the chart to shop around for alternatives.

Best regards


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All cables received and fully wired up now.

Once I've hidden the nest of cables behind the rack properly and channelled the speaker cables into the wall I'll post pics on the appropraite thread.

Once again, many thanks for the extremely quick turnaround on cable delivery, Joe.

Highly recommended everyone. Friendly, prompt and a pleasure to deal with. Most helpful with all the advice and even assisted me on the phone on his day off!


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