New Kit bought. New Cabling needed.

dork knight

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Right, I need help again! :rolleyes:

Me & My GF went out today & bought new speakers/sub (b&w 603 s3, 601 s3, Lcr60, asw600) & av receiver (yamaha dsp ax757se). This gear will be deliverd this weekend. We're also awaiting delivery on a th42pv500(before crimbo wouldd be nice lol).

We have a Monster video 2 component(1m) for our dvd recorder to amp & a monster interlink 201 for the sub.

What I need is some pointers toward some other good leads that hopefully wont break the bank(like the monsters)

We need: 4 or 5m component(amp to plasma)
Speaker cable for all round
Best cable to hook up vcr(sonyse740) to amp
Optical lead
PS2 to amp

Any help would be great! thanks
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