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I was wanting to follow on from a previous thread but its gotten that old now it has been archived.... it can however be found here

I've purchased a Denon AVR-1910 which accepts inputs via HDMI and provides upscaling functionality. I am still using the DVD player that was hooked up during the above calibration, this unit also upscales.

My question is if I run the DVD player through the Denon will this not completly throw out the output signal calibrated against above? If I do get around to calibrating the Denon would the results vary because of the different sources? e.g. Xbox --> Denon --> TV, DVD --> Denon --> TV etc and therefore one single source would have be 'perfect' but the rest just as they are?


Iain Gibson

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In the Denon, if you turn the "i/p scaler" function to Off for the DVD input, then the signal should be passed through unchanged.

With an amp doing video-switching, sometimes a bit of compromise is needed -- you end up calibrating for your 'reference' source and not fretting about the others. Some sources have video adjustments of their own that can help, or different picture memories on the screen can be used. (Although screens like the Vieras are not ideal when it comes to independent memories.)

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