New JVC range (AV32xxx) - Any reviews/comments yet?


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Are there any reviews out yet for the new JVC AV32T4 and AV32R4 models?

I've been waiting for one of these for the last few weeks and just wondered if there'd been any impartial comments as to the quality etc..

Main questions (apart from "are they any good?") are :-

1) Do they have a rotation option? (The old AV32T25 etc. models did so I assume yes)

2) Have they fixed the RGB brightness issue which was the only major negative comment about the old models.

3) Is the only difference the fact that one is Nicam and the other PLII with a built in sub? Again, am I right to assume that tube/features/picture is all the same?

Cheers for any advice



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I'll take the silence as a "don't know" then ! ;)

Seriously though, anyone seen one of these in the flesh yet?



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Yep, I've seen them and are interested in the questions you pose as well!

I have seen the X4 (100Hz vrs) in HiSpek and the R4 in Comet. Both really nice looking TV's IMHO.

Always hard to tell about the picture quality becaause of the feed going into it at these large electrical shops! Kinda hesitant to go with a 100hz TV so was looking at JVC 50Hz as a safe move.

If I see any reviews then I will let you know!


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Cheers scrapbook,

I'll let you know by PM if I see anything too!

I was in Comet the other day and they didn't have the R4 yet so maybe I'll check at weekend.

Maybe one day I'll actually get round to buying a new telly!


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