New Itunes software - Broken?


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Feb 21, 2005
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Has anyone downloades itunes 5.0.1, i have and since doing it i cant import a cd into my itunes library, it doesn't appear in the source list when you insert it.

I'm having to rip it with media player then convert it with itunes!

I have uninstalled and gone back to v4.7 that came with my ipod but now it wont automatically add the track names!

any ideas????
Dunno. 5.01 was meant to fix 5.0 (windows version) bugs. Oh the irony

Try downloading again? Is your firewall blocking iTunes getting track info off web? Don't disable it - just allow iTunes permission
I've imported OK into the latest version of iTunes. Have you changed one of the preference settings - the one where you tell it what to do when you insert a CD ?
I haven't heard of any niggles with 5.1, or anything major like your problem. My 5.1 is fine, although so was my 5.0. I was having a few problems with one of my podcasts, but I dunno if that was itunes or a problem with the podcast itself.

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