new ipod photo?



Speculation is rife about a new ipod photo after Apple apparently asked dealers to return their remaining ipod photo stocks to them... :)


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I'd speculate (and it is purely my own speculation) - but is it not about time Apple had a little delve in the PMP market?

Could see it beinng linked with MPEG4 and Quicktime?


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Apple's take has always been that portable video just doesn't make any sense, whereas portable music does. I tend to agree - but then I have zero need for a PMP.

Then again, Apple always say these things are a bad idea, right up until they release a product that hits the spot, at which point they claim that they've fixed all the issues, and their solution 'just works' :)

Witness the iPod Shuffle - I remember Steve Jobs saying flash-based players are pants, and just end up in the kitchen draw once the first set of batteries are dead. Then again, I guess that as long as it's an Apple product that ends up in the kitchen draw, they'll be happy :lol:

Cheers, Carl.

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