New ipod Nano has scratched screen


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Bought a green 8gb Nano a few days ago and have had it out of the box for one day. However, i noticed today that the screen has scuffs on it and looks like it has been used for months. Is there something wrong with the screen or is this normal? I have ipod touch, ipad and iphone. None have this problem; it hasnt even been out of the house yet.


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Take it back and get it replaced. Should be pristine when you open the box and no marks whatsoever!


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I think it was pristine mate when I opened it but it really hasn't been anywhere or rubbed against anything to warrant the scuffs and scratches. It seems to have got them overnight. They really are bad for a brand new ipod.
I got this from HMV who were clearing them out at £69.99 (Green colour only). It was sealed as far as I could see and unused. As I have ipods, pads etc. I am not used to screens scratching like this. Nothing has rubbed against the screen (other than the earphone cable). I thought all ipods had scratch resistant screens now.

Anyway, I packaged it all up as new and I am taking it back tomorrow....unfortunately they don't have any more stock of the green. Would I be better off taking to an Apple authorised store like KRCS? There is one in town.
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