New IPL SW3 Subwoofer


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I'll second the above comment. Anyone bought one? IPL is clearly pitching it at the REL Storm III level judging by the specs, and the kit is one third of the price.


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I made one a few weeks back...

I am pleased with it but havent really set it up properly yet! Gets better with use, I guess it is running in!


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I had forgotten all about this thread!!

I got one not that long after the original post.

The kit goes together very easily, the electronics panel is particularly well made.

It seems to go down pretty low (although i have nothing to compare it against), it certainly adds weight to my Tannoy R3s which are far from being lightweight.

Positioning is critical.

At first I had it stuffed down the back of a sofa and it was very boomy. I have now moved it to a more open corner and it is better.

On balance for me it seemes to be reasonable value.




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I meant to ask you, did you add anything to the basic design? e.g. any cross bracing, lining or stuffing?

If you have any tips on fininshing the design they would be gratefully received!

Also, my low level filter adjust appears to make no difference whatsover, any idea why?!?



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Can anyone answer this question?

If I bought one of these, I would like to connect (simultaneously) the high-level inputs to my main speakers (integrating them with the gain and frequency controls) and the low-level input to the amp's LFE channel (letting the amp, not the sub do the frequency filtering).

As far as I can tell, the SW3 has separate volume/gain controls for the high-level and low-level inputs. However, does it have separate frequency crossover controls? If it only has one, does this affect (i) both high- and low-level inputs or (ii) the high-level inputs only?

Physa - could this be related to your low-level input question?


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