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Oct 30, 2001
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I received my iPhone 13 this week and have spent a lot of time setting it up and downloading apps. This is my first foray into iPhone ownership and so far I'm finding it a bit meh!

My issues started with migrating from my Huawei android phone using the Move to IOS app which claims to move all my contacts, messages, accounts, apps and media to the new iPhone, trouble was it didn't. All it moved was contacts, SMS and media, my email accounts, Google accounts didn't migrate, my WhatsApp messages and all my apps didn't migrate either so I have spent hours downloading and setting everything up again.

At the moment WhatsApp is a big issue, no idea why migrating from android to IOS isn't supported but its a right pain in the ass. I use Opera for my Web browser as I sync between my PC and android devices but now discover that sync to IOS isn't supported!

Lastly, for now, I find that the iPhone camera has pretty basic functionality compared to the Huawei. Whats the point of Live Photos? Why can I not have a shutter click with Live Photos enabled? Why does the timer function take 10, yes 10 photos in quick succession if Live Photos is not enabled? Why if I set the timer for selfie does it also set a timer on the front camera? At least the iPhone photo quality is very good.

Whats mildly annoying is that Apple don't supply a charger or earphones with the handset, what is very annoying is that the charging and earphone socket is proprietary so all my USB c cables and earphones don't fit!

I'm persevering for now but its been a struggle so far.
You’re definitely going to need to persevere with it-the jump from Android (or vice versa) can be a rough one initially.

The WhatsApp thing is very annoying I have to agree-especially if you’ve stuck to either Android or Apple for a considerable amount of time. I do believe the ability to transfer between them both is in the works however.
It’s a shame that one of the biggest - if not the biggest - messaging apps in the world hasn’t has this sorted. I’m pretty sure they are working on this but it was not clear if it would be all Android phones (Samsung initially) and, more pertinent to you, whether it is bi-directional. I think it’s just from iOS to Samsung but I could be wrong.

There are apps which claim to be able to do this but I’d stay well clear as I doubt (a) they work as you’d like them to and/or (b) may not work at all.
Essentially, as you’ve worked out, I don’t think there is a way for you to do this.

Until about 3/4 years ago, I used to flit from Android to iOS every year or so and had minimal pain points because I had my contacts, Mail and calendar, photos on Google so all that stuff set up immediately. I have never been one for caring about keeping old chats so was never bothered about losing texts etc.

Re. differences in execution of various functions. Yes, it can be intensely frustrating when you’re used to a certain way of doing things. That goes both ways but as @BMox81 said, just persevere - in time, you become used to the differences and they become inconsequential or just minor annoyances. Or they don’t, and your iPhone ends up on the Classifieds!
I've used this software in the past to transfer all whatsapp content from an Android handset to iphone, well worth the £15 or so

Looks like there is a reliable 3rd party software to accomplish your WhatsApp migration. Please see response from @psychopomp1 on another thread.
Looks like there is a reliable 3rd party software to accomplish your WhatsApp migration. Please see response from @psychopomp1 on another thread.
Thanks for the info. I have seen that program but I don't like that it installs a modified version of WhatsApp on the phone.
Oh, I didn’t know that either. There is always going to be some issue or other with a 3rd party solution, if they work at all.

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