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I am buying an iphone off a colleague of mine and my question is can i use it on my existing orange PAYG sim?

I realise i will have to cut the sim card down to make it a micro sim but will i get the same benefits as i am guessing there are PAYG deals for iphones whereas mine was just for a normal phone?



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Yes, you'll get all the benefits. Cutting the sim removes the plastic not the chip

Also, make sure the iPhone is not locked to any other network like vodafone, O2 etc


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You'll have to buy an Orange pay and go sim that includes data. Probably best to check Orange website.


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Thanks for the reply,so how do i get internet access on PAYG as never had internet on previous phone?
You'll have to enter the settings for orange internet service by navigating from the Settings app > General > Cellular Data Network > Cellular Data Frame.

You'll need to ask Orange customer serv or their forum for the internet settings details for iPhone

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