New Integra DRX 3.4 and thoughts on the unit,sound and correction.


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Hello All,
A few months ago got the DRX 3.4. My first experience with anything other than Yamaha of which I've owned several. A new experience as the sound is a bit different than my 2012 RX720 Yamaha Aventage. I wanted to upgrade for the HDMI 2.1 and height channels. Didn't go with New Avantage line due to Yamaha taking so long to get 2.1 features to work,opinion of units being kinda buggy and generally just not trusting this new first generation Avantage units.

I like the Integra, not in love with it yet but I like it. Surround is def more detailed and separated than the other one,(as it should be, 10years newer and 2x the $$$) but to me not as good with 2 channel music as the Yamaha.

After much adjusting and listening and watching many different things I've come to the conclusion that, 2 things,,,
#1 It sounds better with room correction EQ off. Be it the AccuEQ,which wasn't very good, or the Dirac which was better. With the Dirac on everything sounds flat and lifeless, bass and dynamics are so subdued. Turn room EQ off, and it comes to life. Clearer, tighter bass, better surround separation.

As far as crossovers, with Dirac on sounded better with all speakers crossed seperately 10Hz above spec. Without room EQ all at 80Hz ( sub at 120 both) sounds best.

For gear I have Paradigm Premiers R L C, with DT Mythos 6 surrounds,Focal Cub sub and Audio Source ceiling. 7.1.2
Waiting on a RSL Speedwoofer 10S MKII on its way. Can't wait to try.

Does anyone else feel this way about their room correction?

Thanks much for opinions
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