New Installation : What should I ask or look for when the Pre-Install visit engineer arrives


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I am moving to Virgin in a couple of weeks at the after 50 years with BT. Signed up for the 'full house package'. Our Area has, over the past few months, been cabled, so I got a reasonable deal.

Virgin offered me a Pre-Install visit to advise re location and cabling etc from the Road to the House to the Lounge. Is there any advice that anyone could offer on what I may or should be able to agree.

For example does the 'brown box' need to accessible to Virgin at any time or could it be placed on a wall behind access gates, do I have any say in the location of the cable through my Garden to the House.

Any advise please on preferences to consider (we only ever use TV or internet in the Lounge.) or things to watch for by the Pre-Install visit or final installation.

Virgin state that the Pre-Install engineer (or salesman) will advise but the final decision will be mine


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The 'brown box' will certainly need to be placed on your house. It is a means of terminating the main cable and the phone cables, which are separate. Generally the cable route to your house will be the shortest possible distance from the street. There is nothing else in the box. Any particular routes needing extra cabling might need to be discussed with VM. The 'brown box' is rarely accessed after installation. Generally it provides a home for spiders! The cable into your lounge can be almost anywhere, preferably of course on an 'outside facing wall'. You will have an additional small box on the inside of the wall to terminate the cables and additionally a phone socket which is the same as a BT one.

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