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Switching to VM next week. There is an old NTL wall socket with 2 connectors in my living room. I am having V+HD, BB and phone installed, and am also having a further V box in the conservatory (at the back of the house).

Could someone tell me how many cables are going to be run into my house please? I assume it could be just the one with various splitting going on inside, but if anyone could be clearer, please let me know as I would like to prepare for the engineer (i.e. drill the holes myself before engineer arrives, remove skirting for cable placement, etc.).

Also, can I have the BB and/or phone in my conservatory?

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All external cabling will enter the house via the existing NTL branded box. You can ask that they run the wiring for the other room outside rather than along skirting boards etc. Whether they charge you anything extra for doing so would depend on he complexity of doing so.

The BB feed comes from the same outlet. They can either split the feed off from another or use the second connector on the outlet.

I believe the main phone socket can be placed anywhere you want it. Again, get them to run the cables externally rather than let them run them over skirting boards etc.

You can ask them to place the phone and BB modem anywhere you want them. Again, keep an eye on them, they love stapling wires to skirting boards!
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Thanks dante01.

Unless there's a major earthquake tonight, the engineer will be cabling inside (as I live in a terraced house!).

I am going to ask the engineer to place the phone right where it comes into the house and ask him nicely to place a double connector in both the living room AND the conservatory, so that I could move the cable modem about if needed (as opposed to switching as the TV will always be required in conservatory).

Thanks again.


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