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Ok looking for a little advice/help from you good AVF sat members.

Just getting my garage converted and will be looking to put a DM/V+Duo in there. Now at the moment i have a 1m motorised dish and 60cm dish used for sky.

The 1m dish has an 1 input lnb, i have just ordered one of these though. HERE. The 1m dish feeds my DM8000 in the house and i was looking to add a 2 LNB input so i could also run the 1m dish to the garage and a DM Etc out there. Now i take it i'd probably need to keep one box in stand by whilst using the other? As 2 boxes can't run 1 dish?

Also i'd probably run a feed from my 60cam dish also to the garage, if i went for a 1 sat tuner box then i'd use an A2B switcher box (which i already have).

Now can anyone advice on a better way to set this all up? Or advice in general? Main problem will be garage is at the end of the garden so i'd say i would be looking at 40/50m of cable from dished to sat box.


you could use one of these
Aerial Switch : Aerial Splitters : Maplin
dish cable in, cable out to each receiver.
use the switch to switch between receivers and each receiver will drive the dish independently.


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