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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by kirakira, Oct 8, 2004.

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    Panasonic Japan ( has finally updated its business website to show the dawn of the 7th generation Panasonic business PDPs and their respective specification sheets.

    One interesting fact is that gradation levels from DVI port using the same DVI board as gen 6 has been bumped up from 3072 shades to 4096 shades and the spec sheet for TY-42TM6D has reflected such change as well as the ability to be installed on 65 inch model, not available with 6th gen panels. However the modes supported by the DVI has NOT changed.

    Update: The manual for PHD7 series of Plasma for Japan DOES CONFIRM that DVI board support the following modes. (As DVI support was not confirmed by the useless USA manual).

    The following modes are still supported by the DVI board:
    525 (480) /60p
    625 (575) /50p
    750 (720) /60p
    1,125 (1,080) /60i
    640 × 480 @60Hz
    852 × 480 @60Hz
    800 × 600 @60Hz
    1,024 × 768 @60Hz
    1,066 × 600 @60Hz
    1,366 × 768 @60Hz

    So it seems for now the brochure released by Panasonic USA is erroneous supported by the new updated DVI board and PHD7 PDP Japanese manual.

    You can download DVI board spec sheet here: (Japanese only)
    You can download the PHD7 user manual with supported DVI specs here: (Japanese only)

    The HDMI board has confirmed to support only video and 640x480 resolutions by Panasonic Japan's business website. It also does not support CEC.

    Also to note, the Japanese HD model also comes with a full 5 connector RGB+HD+VD/Component input standard.
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    kirakira, thanks a bunch for the data (glad I found this thread by chance :) ).
    Note that the PDF file also confirms it's a DVI-D connector and supports HDCP, which is obviously a key feature.

    This news conforts me in going for a TH-37PW7 plasma with DVI option (and maybe Component, not sure). Now if I only could find a dealer here (in Paris) that would sell one to me, these "Pro" screens aren't popular here (that, or Panasonic decided to not address that market here... :rolleyes: ).

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