New HTPC build silent small low power...


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right I have had enough of the behemoth in the living room.

the I7 rig is about to be history and I have now purchased this little beauty

antec isk300 case
picopsu 120
asus E35M1-I DELUXE

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whoops sorry.

the blackgold card will be slotted in with a ssd and a slot loading bd drive

i have swapped the fan for a couple of noctuas and it is oh so quiet...

once the usb ir arrives and gets set up with my harmony this little baby can go in the living room
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richard plumb

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thats nuts! the PSU is insane.

Looking forward to pics when you put it together - can you do one of the insides with everything fitted.

how much, if you don't mind me asking? and what CPU


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I've also ordered the ASUS E35M1-I DELUXE is yours on back order as mine has been for a few months now? Dont know what the hold up is on these tho


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@richard plumb

the cpu and gpu are integrated on the mobo... 18w it seems to be very effecient for a htpc

I bought mine from ksn-online delivered the next day... was slightly nervous as I hadnt bought from them before but i rang up and the nice brummy put my mind at ease.


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The new Zotac Fusion E350 ITX is also a very similar fanless motherboard at about the same price as the ASUS. The ASUS seems to be out of stock just about everywhere. There are already some Zotac motherboards available on eBay and Eclipse Computers.



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Had my htcp 2 years now and was thinking about changing. I didn't even know you could get motherboards with the gpu and CPU built in. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)


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