New HT Project : Advice on speaker position


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Hi all

New plasma being delivered tomorrow so I need to get going on the building work. I am wall mounting into a purpose build stud wall (so the screen and speakers are flush fitting) but would appreciate some advice on placing the speakers.

The best option I have will be to put the left, right and centre speakers below the panel as per the diagram attached. I'll be sitting 12ft from the screen and the L & R will be only 4 feet apart - is this enough? Also, they have rear ports so will I affect sound quality if they each sit in a hole just big enough to slide the speaker cabinet in?




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if you have room either side of the screen then i would recommend you put the speakers there, and yes it will effect the sound if they are rear ported, if poss stand mount or wall brkts would be better, IMO that is.


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Thanks for your response xavier,

Not sure I have enough room either side of the plasma but I'll wait till it comes and do the detailed measurements

I'll be fixing them to wall brackets but they will be in cavities in the stud wall but as I suspected it would affect the sound quality, I'll design the cavities so they have plenty of room around.



would a tight fit be better with some kind of foam to stop the speakers from rattling? i would curious to know what difference it would make


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