New house. Unacceptable Freeview. What to do ?

Pat Marcus

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The freeview picture I used to get on my panel was very good. I converted RGB to SVideo (Via a JS TECH) and then fed this direct into my screen. Very few artefacts and very little digital noise.

Ive moved house and the freeview quality seems much less good. Ive only moved a couple of miles.

The aerial is running into a booster / splitter to provide a signal for four aerial sockets in the house. This is a new item, provided by the electrician. Could this be the culprit ? One of my friends tells me that you dont actually need to boost the signal, JUST because you're splitting it.

Anwyay, experts, do you think this is the culprit ? Is it possible to buy a "high end" aerial booster/splitter that will sort me out or, should I think about a new aerial ?


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There are a whole raft of potential issues here. Firstly, are you in a Freeview reception area? Do you have the right aerial type installed? What type of coax cable is being used? (New house builds often seem to use the cheapest possible cable installed by electricians, not sat/TV engineers). What type of splitter is it?

Generally, splitting an aerial feed will cause a drop in signal level/quality, which is why the outputs are amplified. The outputs can deliver varying levels so it could be that you don't have a suitable unit.

You need to do a little more investigation before anyone can really help you here, I think.



Can your neighbours pick up Freeview fine? At Solihull I imagine you could get Freeview. I have my aerial fed into a splitter/amp four ways. When you split the signal you reduce it. If you are splitting the signal four ways then each telly would only get 25% of the original signal if you didn't amplify it again.

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