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Moving into newbuild house early 2011 and im starting to get the media system designed and ready to go in.
Ive had the builders run rf points to the rooms i want and they have then run them all to the loft.
The system i want will consist of:

50" Plasma
32" lcd x 2
Sony PS3
Sky+ HD
AV Reciever

First query: 2d or 3d? Im still now sold on 3d as i dont like the thought of sitting there with stupid glasses and if you have friends over you will need 4/5/6 pairs of glasses.

The main problem i have is i will be connecting the PS3 and Sky to the 50" via hdmi through the av reciever. The the other tv's i plan on supplying through the rf output of the sky+ and splitting through a amplified splitter in the loft.
Will i be able to tune into freeview through only the rf out of the sky+ without the sky+ having a freeview aerial supply.

sorry if that doesnt make sense??
also any recommendations on equipment would be welcome.
this is what im thinking of getting so far:

Samsung PS50C450B1
Samsung LE32C530
Samsung LE32C530
Onkyo TXSR308B
Onkyo SKSHT528B


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To watch freeview on the TV's they'll need an aerial feed from somewhere. I would have a look at the distribution guide HERE which may or may not help. Sites such as satcure might also give you some ideas. I hope you realise that RF output from Sky will rely on the TV's using an anoglue tuner, which is pretty poor in terms of picture quality. If you want to distribute HD, I would suggest a visit to the cables subforum.

There is a specific sub forum for "what TV should I buy?" questions. Use the search function as well.

Re. the amp and speakers. I know that the HTS6305 package is available for £400 HERE and would be a better bet. It is based on the 508 receiver and comes with an ipod dock which might be useful. I would always recommend avoiding the bottom-of-the-range receivers. The 308 doesn't have auto-setup for one thing.

If I was building a new house these days, I would also be running ethernet cables to futureproof the setup and allow you to have decent networking throughout the home and not rely on wireless which can be hit or miss when streaming video for example.


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will i be able to tune the additional tvs into freeview via the sky rf output without the sky+ having a freeview aerial connected?
will price up running ethernet but i think hdmi will cost a lot to run.
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