New house! Please help me refine / upgrade my setup?


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My first post here :hiya:

Having already spent countless hours over the last few days searching various topics and just ending up with even more questions than answers I thought I would join the community and ask for some help and advice.

Earlier this year we bought our first home and knowing this is where we will likely stay for a good number of years ahead I wanted to finally set about a reasonable home cinema install.

My current setup is as follows:

Onkyo SR606
Tannoy Arena lite 5.1 speaker setup
PS3 for blu ray
Apple TV 3
Epson EH TW5900

The room setup and measurements are as follows:


Should be fairly explanatory - the black is the sofa, the red arrows are the direction of speakers/locations.

My key questions are as follows:

1. Whilst I'm still working on wiring and before I repaint the ceiling etc. I am considering adding rear ceiling speakers for 7.1 capability. That is the yellow dots above. As you can see I have a pretty reasonable amount of space behind the listening/viewing area (we have a 6 person dining in the space) so I'm assuming that this is a fairly worthwhile investment? Could anyone recommend a reasonable set of speakers for this purpose that would 'match' with the Arena Lites? It's at this point that my technical knowledge goes completely out of the window!!! I've been looking at some options with directional tweeters like Polk RC60i's but genuinely have no idea if this is suitable for my system. Also given the measurements of the room and the seating location, roughly how far behind our head should they be mounted? (To be more specific, when seated, the viewers head is 3m20cm back from the screen/center speaker, with 3m then back from the head to the back wall.

2. I also need to upgrade my amplifier for a number of reasons, not least because I need at least 2 more HDMI inputs, preferably an additional HDMI out for the projector. I've been looking at some good deals on some of the slightly newer/better Onkyo range, until the 818 caught my eye. In particular the enhanced calibration ability, which a friend of mine absolutely swears by. Will this amp still be ok with the Arena Lites as I really don't want to be upgrading speakers at this point in time, and with the overall size of the room plus downstairs neighbours I don't really think I need more volume - I'm just seeking better connectivity and general fidelity.

3. Sub placement in the room is tricky, for various reasons. I currently have my TV wall mounted (the red line to the right of the image) with the sub immediately below with the centre speaker placed on top of the sub. I spent a lot of time online looking at different setups when trying to find a compromise for this and noticed a lot of people seem to have this setup, although that doesn't necessarily make it good! Any thoughts?

4. Finally without wanting to outstay my welcome in my 1st post, I've been unable to get my rear L/R speakers as high as they need to be to be optimal. They are not quite at ear level, but not much higher which means I find them sometimes a little overpowering versus the fronts. I read somewhere that you can help this by angling them upwards? I guess this is probably something I should experiment with, but in general are we talking angling them slightly, or a lot (i.e. effectively bouncing them off the ceiling somewhere above your head)?

Many thanks in advance.



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Welcome to AVF!

1. I would post that in the speakers forum but would have thought the obvious choice would be tannoy ceiling speakers.

2. Your speakers will be fine and will benefit from more power and control.

3. I wouldn't put any speaker on top of a sub.

4. Speakers should be aimed at your ears. Why can't you mount them higher up?


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Thanks for your response.

1. I wasn't specifically referring to brand, more what sort of power/frequency etc. would be best for a) the purpose and b) matching in with the other speakers. I will cross post to speakers.

2. Great!

3. Is there are specific technical reason for this? Obviously both speakers are magnetically shielded, and carry out different purposes. The centre speaker is perfectly aligned with the listener and because of neighbours I can't have the sub to the sort of volume where it would cause obvious rattling etc. of the centre speaker? If I really had to I could probably move it towards the corner of the room a little underneath the window, but it's not ideal. I guess my question is, is it bad enough problem to cause me to compromise the layout of the room, and if so why?

4. Hmmm. I've read in numerous setup guides that the rear speakers should be aimed above your head, not directly at, otherwise the rear channel can outweigh the front. This is certainly what I've experienced on occasion.


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