New house - no aerial points connected!



Hello all :hiya:

This is my first post on the forums, and I would really appreciate some help!

I have recently moved into a new build house and it turns out that none of the TV aerial points in the house are connected.

Having spoken to the housebuilder, apparently this is pretty standard.

I have Sky+ installed in my lounge, but no analogue aerial.

I would like to "activate" the other aerial points in my house to receive the Sky + signal.

From reading various forums, can anyone let me know if I will be heading in the right direction:

"Return" the digital signal to the loft (all cabling is nicely bundled up in the loft space, ready for action) via the existing aerial point next to my Sky+ box in the lounge (not sure how :rolleyes:) and then buy a 4-way amp splitter (I have 3 additional aerial points) and connect the additional cables present in the loft space.

In terms of which splitter I need to carry the Sky+ signal, does anyone have any recommendations?

I guess I would also need magic eyes in each room if I wanted to actually change the channel, but maybe that for another time!

Apols for all the numpty questions, but would genuinely like to give this a go myself before calling in the cavalry!

Thanks all



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I theory your are right. Connect from your SKY + Box with coax cable via the RF2 outlet into the plate on the wall. Make sure this is a non-isolated plate. You can buy them in B&Q, made by MK, these i beleiev are the only ones that tell you they are non-isolated.

As regard to a box in the loft i am not sure. I just connected the up wire from the lounge socket to my bedroom wire and then into the TV, yes you can change channels with the magic eye but remember it can only be what is on the main TV, so if you are distributing to 4 other rooms, all rooms will have to watch the same thing.



:smashin: Many thanks Damien/Andy

Andy, re: your last point, whilst the builder didn't connect the cabling, they were kind enough to put a plug socket in-situ.


Hello all

Thanks for all the advice to date.

I bought the aforementioned digital bypass amp (see above) and have thus connected all my TV (aerial) points to the outputs.

In terms of sending the satellite signal from the Sky box up to the amp (in the loft), I have connected the RF2 output to the "TV" socket in my lounge socket. (is also "FM" and "satellite" ponits on the panel)

No result though (no signal received to aerial point in any rooms).

Am I doing something obvious wrong? :oops:

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