New House, New TV...please help!

Hello everyone, long term reader first time poster.

I am moving into a new house next week and want a new 65inch tv to go in the living room.

I mostly watch sports and HDR TV shows and Movies. I intend to buy an Xbox Series X at some point so want to future proof myself to some extent but very much a casual gamer.

I have a max budget of £2000 and have been very close to the LG BX as I did want a OLED for the wow factor, however the limited brightness worries me in an open play living area.

Also been considering the Sony XH90 which I could get for £1099 instead of £1899 for the LG.

My main consideration is would i notice the difference for the money?
Is there any other TV's I should consider at 65inch and within a £1000-£2000 budget?

Thanks very much for any help!


There's a guide I recently made here: My best TVs for next gen gaming 2020-21 that I hope helps you.

Not sure what you mean by an open play living area, OLEDs are brighter than LCD TVs of old, but a modern LCD TV providing its a higher end one will be better if you play a lot with lights on, or with bright room conditions from natural light.

Regarding the XH90 you'll see in the guide it ranks lower than other TVs. Yes it has HDMI 2.1 features, but its dim for HDR standards, so isn't a good option when you can spend more money and get better value on other TVs.

LG BX is a bit of unknown, consider waiting to buy as this time of year prices are high anyway, but if you are interested in the BX instead of the more expensive CX you should definitely wait to make sure everything is working properly with that model and the new consoles.


Really depends how bright it is, OLEDs are brighter than LCD TVs of old, and generally fair okay as long as the area isn't too bright. Of course I don't know how bright your room is, and you won't really know for sure if an OLED is bright enough without trying it first.

If you use the TV mostly in bright conditions though, you may be better with an LCD TV. The high tier ones in the guide are recommended like Sony XH9505 or Samsung Q90T.

It's not just about how bright the room is, but also how often you use the TV when its bright. Most people for example use their TVs in the evening, so being in conditions of lots of natural light during the day are irrelevant.
I just want the best quality at 65inch for my budget with it future proofed as much as possible. Gaming is an extra but as I say very much an occasional gamer.


There's not really a 'best' just depends what you want from a TV, first decide on OLED vs LCD and take your choice from there.

In your shoes I'd be looking at the LG CX or BX, but I wouldn't buy right now. Sensible to wait until we know if the BX is working properly with HDR and VRR with next gen consoles. Prices will come down in sales that aren't too far away now.
Thanks i really appreciate the help, I was intending on buying the BX via John Lewis and at least be covered for the 28 days through black friday with their price match, is that sensible or is the price likley to reduce significantly between black friday and Christmas? Really want it in by Christmas at the latest.

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