New house, new speakers, need advice on positioning


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Hi everyone!

I'm moving to a new house next week, and I haven't quite worked out how I should place the speakers, and would love some advice on it. I'm using all Dali right now, and am hooping to not have to exchange anything.

Oberon 5 for the front
Oberon Vokal center
And Zensor 1 for surround

Because of Dalis recomendations when it comes to speaker placement, I guess it would make sence to place them all the way back to the back wall, parallell with the fronts. They would probably have to be placed all the way to the wall though. Another option would be to place them along the side walls of the room, which would give ample space behind them for the bass (No subwoofer yet). The option closest to the couch, they would probably have to be placed at a significantly higher position, 2-3 feet above listening position and angled downwards.

If I do position the surrounds along the side walls, should I then also move the front speakers out to the side walls?

Or should I just position them as regular surround speakers and angle them towards the MLP?

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Welcome to the Forum.

If you are going for a 5.1 then the surrounds should be positioned closest to the couch and angled in towards them. Your top red positioning with the two arrows looks just right.

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