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I'm moving to a bigger house soon which is not fully wired up like my current house.
It's a old house so I can't go chasing the walls so easy so I want a wifi solution, but I don't want wifi speakers, so I'm thinking of getting some wifi amps.

I looked at the sonos option but it seems like old tech.

I want a surround system in the lounge with a sub.

The largest room in the house is the kitchen with high beam cellings so I need some power I'm thinking of putting in another amp and a sub in the kitchen.

I also want a set of speakers in bedroom and maybe another set in the dining room in the future

I was thinking of getting 2x Denon AVR-X2400H and Denon HOS AMP

Any idea if they will all talk to each other?
I want the audio from the TV computer to play though out the whole house too.

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