New house, new kit (LG 4k, HTST5000 Atmos)


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Hey folks,

I received the keys to my new house at the beginning of November and we've been ripping it out almost completely. Just keeping kitchen and bathrooms intact. Everything else came out. Whilst I'm re-building some funds for the cinema room I thought I'd post up some build pics of the living room setup so far.

I knew this wasn't going to be a full cinema set up. It just had to be suitable for the room, ie TV in proportion to dimensions if not ideal size for viewing distance. I also knew that I wasn't going to get away with a full speaker setup in here. Also, as I was going to run a dedicated room through the house I wanted to save some cash towards that project as well.

I spent a lot of time reviewing televisions and ended up with 65" OLED LG B8SLC. But that being said, I still wanted to get awesome sound from the system, I decided on the Sony HTST5000 with virtual Atmos 7.1.4.

This is the living room before we bought the house. Previous couple liked their dark woods and reds and heavy furniture. Lovely fireplace but pretty much everything else was getting ripped out.



I won't go into detail on the full house build as I'm in the process of writing that up elsewhere. I'll just focus on the living room setup. I drew up some plans for the joiner and electrician who was going to be doing the install (unfortunately whilst I was away at work).

This was how the room was left to us on the day we got the keys.


We prompty starting ripping off skirtings, taking down wallpaper, taking up carpets and flooring throughout the house.





This was the previous owners cable install that was sitting in the little alcove at the back of the room. As you can see it wasn't particularly neat, planned or suitable for what I had in mind.


Destruction continued. Backing paper coming off, ceiling beams in the kitchen coming down as well.


Carpets gone, old telly and mount taken off the wall. I just left all the original cabling in place for the electrician to deal with when he had access under the floorboards.


Ripped up all the fibreboard that was nailed to the floor.



Spent a good bit of time before my work trip taking measurements of all the rooms downstairs. This allowed me to plan lighting, cable runs, tv wall and some long term planning for the cinema room downstairs. Also allowed us to plan out furniture arrangements.



As soon as I had a chance I planned out the socket and wiring arrangements for the electrician to follow, and gave the joiner dimensions for the tv wall that was going up in place of the doorway that we were going to block up.

Plan was for a soft cable conduit underneath the floorboards between the new media cabinet (in the alcove) to the tv wall. In the end we used 2inch diameter soft piping. This allows me to run cables in and out without needing to fish anything out at either end.

The electrician also moved the master phone box from near the outside wall to the media cabinet area. I gave the joiners a fairly detailed drawing of the cabinet and dimensions that I wanted as well as some details on how I wanted it put together to marry in with the socket planning. Came pretty close I reckon.






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And how I wanted it to look in the end.


Here's some progress shots of the first phase of the construction, before plasterer and decorator were on site. Probably about half the wiring for the house got done at this stage with the electrician due to come back later on and finish up.





Here you can see the soft cable conduit on the floor that comes out behind the lower bit of the media unit. Everything built from 18mm MDF which is fine for most of it. But I will be replacing the doors on the media unit at some point with something nicer.








Also got the cabling for the downlighting sorted


So end of phase one before the "repair" of the house started.


Next in was the plasterer. We'd ripped off skirting and facings all through the house. Stripped a lot of wallpaper off and found horrible condition walls. Loads of plasterboard round the house had popped (could see nails where it was loose). Dwangs had been installed to get the radiators wall mounted and all sorts of lights and things removed from the walls. Was up to the plasterer to give us a good base to decorate from. Very important.

All the roof screwed up tight, then patched.


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Discovered that we'd missed taking the paper off in the corner of the room. But it had about 3-4 layers of paint on it that the steamer wasn't even thinking of shifting. Ended up chipping the top coats off dry with a scraper and then using hot soapy water on the backing paper to get rid of it. Found this was same in kitchen as well. I think 3 days I did all the paint chipping and scraping.




Once plaster dry we got the joiner back in to do skirtings, facings and new doors throughout the house.




Decorator finally got in and started. Since the place was empty just decided to mask off the details and use the spray gun on the ceilings.




Filled, sanded, primed and started painting the TV wall. Also took apart the media cabinet for some small modifications and painting. I needed to drill out the bottom shelf a bit, was split in two for access but needed to access cable run without lifting it out. I also drilled out two cable runs on the top so I can have the Wifi and phone crade on the top of the unit.






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Decorator still moving on with painting and undercoating the room. At this point I had to head away to work again just as the exciting stuff was happening. Trust me to be home for the boring stuff and away for the good stuff.





Before I left I filled all the patches inside the media cupboard as best I could from where they had replaced the plasterboard. Also managed to give it a few coats of paint.



Electrician got back in to the house last Monday (4th March) and cracked on with the rest of the wiring and lighting. Network cabling finished, and the brush plates on the TV wall done as well allowing me to run loose cables behind the wall. I did consider HDMI plates but decided that I wanted loose cables instead.




And finally, day of reckoning. Did I measure correctly and supply them with the right sizes for everything!

Going up on the wall was a LG OLED65B8SLC and a Sony HTST5000 soundbar. I told the electrician I only wanted him to install the tv and that I would run the rest of the equipment.








All tucked back up again safely waiting on my return to start setting up all the other kit and getting the media stuff in place.



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Edit: got the post order sorted finally.

So, the last picture shows quite a wide angle view of the room but given the length of the room 65" was never going to be massive. I could have gone a lot bigger, but for the budget I didn't want to compromise quality of picture just to have a massive telly.

Really looking forward to getting the soundbar set up and seeing what this faux Atmos sounds like in the room.

The TV wall is T shaped to allow me to run two LED strips up the sides and project ambient light. But looking at the gap between the tv and the wall itself I think I will run an extra one light an ambilight behind the screen itself.
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Looking fantastic so far, so glad you kept the fire place :smashin: as it looks lovely.
Will your Sony soundbar sit in front of those face plates that are located just below the TV ? If not they could be distracting, can't wait to see more progress pictures :thumbsup:


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Yes, there will be a floating shelf just below the face places. The soundbar should hide them completely.


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So I've mapped out phase one setup for the whole house. Next phase will be the network routing outside to the garage for Wifi. That will be interesting as I think I will have to lay a cable run underground.



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First things first, to get the telly up and running as well as do a dry run for the cabling and wiring in the media unit. Also needed to get the Google Wifi setup and bin the Sky hub internet box for a dedicated setup.

As it was before I started, none of the shelves are screwed in yet as I needed to get a multi tool in and cut out some of the shelf supports in order to run the cable management.


Got rid of the Sky box and then found out that Sky are a crap provider who make it as difficult as possible to change out their hardware for your own. I believe now that under EU legislation they are required to allow you to use your own, but in no way will give you the log on and details needed. Spent a few hours searching through Google to get what I needed and at least get connected. Also setup the 8 port switch to feed everything else in the cabinet.





Needed a whole stack of 0.5m and 0.3m jumper cables.


And the first Wifi hub set up on top of the unit. Planning to have one upstairs, and then the third hard wired out in the garage.


Next up was a nosy behind the TV to sort out the cabling there. I had the cable management stuff on order so primary concern was just to get a signal to the TV and allow us to at least watch some Netflix in the evening. The wall mount really makes moving the television in and out very very easy.



Before I could get the Soundbar set up I needed to put up the floating shelf. It's find and level, very sturdy, but cants toward the rear a little. Also I could have installed it a little higher to try and hide the brush faceplates better. But as it is I can still access everything I need.

Running cabling to and from the soundbar was a PITA. I found out that the electrician had installed the faceplates on standard plastic back boxes, but there wasn't enough access to run the cables through. Also the Soundbar cable is integrated in both the plug and the unit. Had to faff about pulling them off and modifying the back boxes to allow multiple cables and also to be able to fish them through.





Next up, Soundbar time! Ran the HDMI cabling from back of the TV into the brush plate at the shelf, and then the HDMI from the shelf down through the cable run to the media unit. Slightly over estimated the length of cable needed so will just have to coil and hide the rest of it underneath the lower shelf. Also never realised the thickness of the HDMI cabling I bought,. it's a bit unweildy.



Sky box plumbed in but forgot that I don't have any short Co-ax cables, managed to get a length of co-ax and some connectors from the sparky so will have to see if i remember how to build a co-ax cable. Think last time i had a special push fitting crimper and a trimmer.




And the subwoofer in it's temporary home. Will have to see where it fits the best.


And finally, we have light and sound. Although for some reason the ARC HDMI isnt working and I'm using a short optical cable for the time being until I can sort something out. Long term if for some reason there's a compatibility issue I will just run a longer optical cable from behind the TV.



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All of my cable management stuff arrived. This consisted of some square conduit, cable ties and sticky pads for tidying everything up.

I had a spare Hue LED strip and decided that I wanted some ambient lighting behind the TV itself. I knew it was going to be slightly compromised due to the wall bracket and that it would be slightly lighter at the bottom. Generally it's OK, it's no ambilight but it will do.

I found out that the Soundbar isn't true Chromecast in the same way that a separate dongle is. It will allow audio to be cast to it but doesn't have visual capabilities which is a bit naff. I dug out my old Chromecast HD and plugged that into HDMI 2 on the TV, just meant I had to run the power cable for the LED up from the lower power points and through the brush fittings.








These little cable tie holders are great for running and securing cables rather than having them hang loose behind the TV. One thing I did find though is that you have to account for cable stretch when pulling or pushing the TV around on the mount.




First run of the ambient lights behind the TV. I did some more faffing around as you can see the shadow of the HDMI cable from the TV on the bottom of the recess in the TV wall.

I dissassembled the entire media unit again to give me access to the shelf brackets. I mentioned previously (i think) that the joiner had made a single runner all round the edges of the wall which was different to my plans. It meant that I needed to use a multi tool to cut out a small section to allow me to run the cable tray up the wall. Didn't take too long to do this and then start to install everything from the ground up again.

Can also see the two HDMI cables from the cable run under the floor.









I guess I'm pretty chuffed at how well it's all worked out from the planning to the execution. Glad I spent the time obsessing over the layout of everything, and I still had to be flexible in how it came out. For one I was not expecting the HDMI cables to be so thick. This meant that for the time being I only have 2 x HDMI run from the soundbar. I use the XBOX so infrequently that I can swap over the Blu-Ray to the XBOX when I need to.


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The missus also decided that she wanted a home phone set up (which I hate) but never mind, so that got added to the set on top of the unit. So here's the room with media install pretty complete. I still have to rig up the IR repeater to use the Blu-ray and the Sky box from the universal remote.



With the living room pretty nicely set up it was time to get crafty on a secret project that I had hinted about to my partner, who was more than a little dubious.





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