New House - Needing Advice On Best Positioning And Setup :D


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Hi all. Just wondering if someone could help out.

Recently moved house and not set anything up properly yet other than had Virgin Media installed. I had it previously in our old house and know how crap the VM Superhubs are for wireless range, so I used it in Modem mode and bought an Asus RT-N56U to use for wireless, which was alot better. Now the new house is a bit bigger, not sure on what to put where for best performance.

I've attached a floorplan of new house. Basically I have the VM Superhub in the corner of the living room and I now have my gaming consoles in my soon to be 'Media room' (Woohoo - My own space away from wife and kids :p)
Where would be the best position to place the Asus router for a good wifi signal throughout the house, and how about homeplugs to connect the consoles? My knowledge on homeplugs is zero, not even sure how they work? Would the consoles plug directly into them or do you have to plug another router into them?
Also our internet is the 100mb, so would the 200mbps would be capable or is something more required to use the full speeds? And as there is only one ethernet port on these, would you just plug a 5-port switch directly into one?

I've also got a Sonos Play 5 which will go in the living room or kitchen and a QNAP 112, thinking this would probably be best with the consoles?

Hope I've made myself clear, and please excuse any noobish questions. :p



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Your best bet is to get wifi analyser on an android smartphone or put InSSIDer on to a laptop.
inSSIDer – Discover The Wi-Fi Around You | MetaGeek
Start by connecting the asus router to the hub where it is in the lounge. Switch it on then proceed to make your way round the house measuring your wifi signal. This will give you a map of your coverage. If the whole house is covered fine but if not you may need to move the router in the first instance and later maybe consider wireless Access Points to get complete coverage.
Another thing you might want to do is investigate how your house is constructed as it maybe easy for you to hard wire connections in. On a scale here is what is best to worst -

Wired ---------------------------- Homeplugs ----------------------------- Wireless

Best -----------------------------------------------------------------------> Worst

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