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Hi all. I am new to the forums and in the process of purchasing my first home. I've been not following developments in the AV realm as 11 years ago I bought a pretty decent system. I currently have a Rotel RSX972 av amp, 2 Tannoy Saturn S8 speakers, a Rel Q150 sub, and 3 definitive tech speakers for the center/rears.

As I am moving into a new house, I am going to be splitting up the system into 2. I'm looking for something to drive the Tannoy S8s and Rel Q150 in my main living room (I will not go full surround in that room). I currently have all of my music stored on a NAS in apple's lossless format. Currently I use a Mac Mini hooked up to my TV and via fiber link to my Rotel to listen to music. This is a bit of a pain and am looking for something a bit more seamless. Should I go the route of a DAC plus stereo amp or should I get an intergrated amp? I am considering the Marantz SR7005. It seems like it does everything from standard radio to HD radio to internet radio. I have an iPad and iPhone so anything I can control via those devices would also be beneficial. This controller will be part of the TV in the room. Any other amps I should look at? Budget is up to ~$2000 range. If I can get a vastly better sound for a littlle more money, I would consider it as well. I may also use the amp to power speakers on the deck, so the dual zone is a plus.

Curious to see what you all recommend! Thanks in advance.

(I have searched quite a bit on the forums; being new to the AV world again is challenging to learn about all of the new technologies)

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