New House minimising wires etc.


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About to move and will be setting up an AV room in middle of the house.

Main sources will be DVD & Sky which i will initially look to set up to a projector Panny 500.

Later the plan is to install a Plazma behind pull down screen.

Questions .

AV controls & hardware planned to be at opposite end of room to projector - What connectors/leads will be best for projector.

Room is 16ft long by 12ft wide so by the time lead is run from hardware across half the weith of room and up to ceiling height i make this about 35 ft lenth of cable.

Can i also run my surround speaker cables with this without causing picture interferance, idealy in same conduit as again would be similer lengths of cable.



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Run as many types as you can, then you cover every eventuality. I would install these (in order of priority)

HDMI (or could later use a HDMI > DVI converter and use DVI cable)
Trigger wire

You only get one real chance to do it so stick them ALL in first off. Don't forget to run your speaker cables (prepare for 7.1) while you're at it.

Don't see a problem with running speaker cable in same conduit as long as all cables are quality with good shielding. Just don't run power cable in same conduit.

Good luck and happy cabling :)

PS If possible run concealed trunking / pipe (with curved bends) and a draw wire so you can pull additional cables in later if you need/want to.
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