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About to move to a new house which is all prewired for TV ariel and ariel socket in each room . bedrooms, kitchen, two reception rooms. I want to be able to run Sky into each room using something like the remote eyes and just get remote contols as appropriate.

I will have two main viewing rooms a family room on ground floor and AV room on 1st floor. Please advise if the following will work??

Plan is to install the Sky plus box in AV room middle of house - not connect the ariel in socket as do not intend to watch terestial tv in this room which will be for movies etc via a projector. I was then thinking to connect the RF2 out to the ariel socket on wall.
This should mean that i send the signal from the Sky plus box to each other Ariel socket in the house. Will i need to booast the signal or would this work OK.

Also what frequency does the RF out on a sky box use and can you change this.

I also plan to use old Sky box in family room, however would the RF signal coming from Sky plus box on ariel socket into family room interfere with this. The family room would tend to use the old sky box most of the time for free to air viewing.



What you propose depends on how the RF system is wired up.

First, the RF output of the sky box is configurable from the installer menu : Select Services, then 4, then 01 Select, then RF Outlets : You can then change the RF channel number, I can't remember what the default is as I changed mine ages ago. You will need to change at least one of the boxes RF channel, you should avoid channels that are 1, 5 and 9 channels away from any other channel that is used (including the terestrial channels) to prevent interference.

To work as you intend you will have to have a master feed directly from the ariel into the room where the Sky+ box is, then in the same room an outlet which then goes to the distribution amp (in the loft of wherever). Connect the ariel input to the Sky+ input and then one of the outputs to the outlet which goes to the distribution amp. You can't just connect the Sky+ output to a regular RF output from the distribution amp and its very tricky (but possible) to combine the ariel input and input from the Sky+ box, its much easier to piggyback the signal as you would from a VCR etc.

Hope this helps,


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