New house layout help please


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I will be soon moving into my new house and need some help regarding layout and speaker positions. I have attached 2 pics as the previous owner has it. If i keep TV in same position as him, do i have the 2 fronts next to TV on unit or widen them by fixing to wall , marked in red squiggles. OR do i move TV completely and place on wall on the left marked with black box, please excuse the dodgy drawings. I have purchased a Denon avr-x2600h and was looking at getting the Monitor audio mass 5.1 so hopefully will match up ok. Any suggestions appreciated.


I would move to the other wall where speaker placement would be easier. In the original position the stairs are going to influence the left hand speaker unless you are prepared to pull it out into the room. Even on the other wall I would move the speaker by the stairs more to the left, if only for safety sake as well as getting a better response from the room without 'leaking' too much into the stair void.


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Thanks for your input mate, i agree moving to the other wall would make things little bit easier with the speakers and yes would move to center of wall to avoid stairs. May be little bit tricky running cables but will do it all soon as i move in before any furniture gets in.
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