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Moving to a new house which includes a study which could be a good room for a hi-fi system.
I have a growing vinyl collection and a much larger cd collection. Looking at what is available and a decent budget of £6,000, initial ideas as follows:-

Cambridge Alva TT £1500
  • Good MC cartridge
  • Rega arm
  • Bluetooth
  • Built-in phono stage
  • Comparison with Rega RP3 or RP6?
Marantz PM6007 CD player £400
  • New unit, but well reviewed
  • Great value for money
Cambridge CAX81 Amp £1000
  • Highly regarded amp - and British made
  • Perhaps too bright?
B&W 603 S2 Anniv £1500
  • Good reviews
  • Again, brightish sound - will need to have demo preferably at new home
Cambridge AZUR 851N Streamer
  • No idea..... is this OK?
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I would add the Clearaudio Concept to the Turntable list or the Marantz TT15s1 is a bit of a bargain at just over £1000, this was designed by Clearaudio and has a very good cartridge thrown in.

Add to this a Rega Elicit R which has a good phono stage built in and is loved by a few on this forum. £1600 new or around £1000 second hand.

for speakers the Kef R3 goes well with the Rega amp at £1300 or the R5 at £2000. The older R300 and R500 can be picked up second hand, another to add to the list would be the Pmc Twenty 22 or Twenty5 22, fanthorpes often have deals on these.

For CD as the Rega does not have a digital input then the denon DCD1600ne at £1000 or the DCD2500ne at £1500 seem to be top of the tree at the moment.

The 851n is a great streamer but if budget is tight at this point the CXN gets you 90% of the way for 50% of the price, note that Cambridge often sell refurb 851n on eBay for £900 with full warranty (some on there now).

So, my choice would be -

Marantz TT15S1 at £1100
Rega Elicit R at £1700
Kef R5 at £1300
Denon DCD1600 at £1000
851n refurb at £900.

now an alternative is to go for the new Lyngdorf TDAI1120 for £2000 which Includes the streamer and amp. This also has digital inputs so you could then just use the Cambridge CXC transport at £300. It has a phono input but not sure how good this so the saving on the CD player could go towards a Graham Slee phono preamp (or similar) at a later date. Plus it has room perfect processing which seems to be a good idea. You can then increase the speaker budget and get the well reviewed Dynaudio Special 40’s.

so this system could be

Marantz TT15S1 at £1100
Lyngdorf TDAI1120 amp streamer at £2000
Dynaudio Special 40 at £2400
Cambridge CD transport at £350
add a phono stage if needed later.

Just a few alternatives. But best to get out there and audition and let your ears decide.
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Scanning the classified, which are a bit deplete at the moment, here’s a second hand system with a bit of a difference.

Marantz TT15S1 with virtuosi cartridge £800 plus Lehmann Black Cube SEII phono preamp £550 (£1350)

Lyngdorf DPA1 preamp, an oldie model but with room perfect £1800 (there is an action for one that is currently cheaper).

Focal Twin 6 BE Active monitors (have amps built in) £1800 with offers

Pioneer PDS904 CD player used either stand alone or into the preamp digital input. Has the last generation of the stable platter system with laser on the top so cds go in label down. £140

You still have enough just for the Cambridge 851N refurb £900, if not scale back to the CXN v2 or Bluesound node2i at around £400-500.

if you do not want to go down the active route then -

DK design VS1 reference 2 hybrid integrated amp, bags of power, tube preamp, solid state power amp £900 (you will not need the black cube so saves £550)

ATC scm 40 floor standers £2500, these are the mk2 version with 5 years warranty left.

ATC SCM40 speakers – Speakers & Subwoofers – Shoreham-by-Sea | Facebook Marketplace

Or in wood finish

the Pioneer May be OK but would upgrade to Denon DCD2500 £1300 with offers.

Lots of choices at this price point but as said have a listen to a few items and let your ears decide.
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